Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Obsession 2012: Make up

Oh so typical! A girl is obsessed with make up. My friends who knew me in college are well aware of the fact that i was the worst when it came to getting glammed up. I hated it, I hated even applying a tiny speck of make up but now that's all i can think of. I spend all my time looking at different make up sites and of course just looking with longing.
Its a might pricey hobby to have. Thanks so some friends of mine who are providing me with free make up, I manage to stay afloat. My latest and favourite obsession is a deep red lip color. I am in lurvvvv with it. Never tried it before but now I can't resist it.
On my wish list is a 50K make up shopping spree!!! Any one out there listening :P