Thursday, 23 August 2012

Loss and the Cliches

I have something to share today. Its about loving and cherishing the people who actually matter. Its about making the most out of your life till it lasts. I for one learnt this lesson the hard way.
We come across so many cliches in life but we never pause to think that some lines become cliches for a reason.
Very recently I lost my khala. She was like a mother to me, she was someone I could always count on no matter what. Whatever the problem she was always eager to solve. I think its true that Allah always takes the good people first.
She had a smile that could melt your heart. Her laughter still echoes in our mind. She knew how to live and I wish we learnt this from her in her life.
Khala you were my jaan and always will be. Ah! You left us so suddenly. We'll never forget you. Never.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Malik Manoranjan

Hey I am back, I know I am the laziest blogger on earth. Some encouraging comments from a follower forced me to blog today.
Who else has wondered that why have Maliks of Pakistan solely taken over the responsibility of entertaining us. We were going crazy over Shoaib Malik's Indian imported shadi, then came our perfect little clown Rehman Malik and who can forget the queen of Manoranjan Veena Malik and her NOT so "morphed" photos. My question is till when will the Malik community keep on shouldering the huge responsibility of providing 'Manoranjan' for the Pakistanis?? Wake up people!!
Riaz Malik the celebrated billionaire cooked up a well scripted drama destined to take over the nation just like Humsafar once had but sadly Riaz Malik ain't no Ashar and Dr. Arsalan is no poor little Khirad. Ashar's black Mercedes had us girls swooning over him and so was Malik's Mercedes making Mubasher Lucman's heart do the happy dance. But curse the cameraman who couldn't tolerate Dunya TV's "success" and decided to screw over these "poor little rich men".
The great Nana Patekar once said and i quote (obviously I quote with a little alteration) "Ek Cameraman saala ek businessman ko H....a bana deta hai"
The Malik Saga still goes on and we all wait with baited breath to see its climax. Hope all ends well for the nation and even if it does not we still got a good dose of entertainment out of it :)

Monday, 9 April 2012

Daadi Maa

‎10th April... We will never forget this day. Who would have thought we'd wake up to find you gone. It was the worst day of my life. It was the most horrible day. I can not express in words how much I miss you today Daadi Maa. I never told you how much I love you and now I can never tell you. I am sure you are in a better place now. .
You were so good. You were so amazing. How I wish you were here. Now who would fight for me with my husband :) I can not forget the times we teased you when we cheated in cards. You were so passionate about Rung and how you would stop talking to us when we were not serious about the game. 
Ah Daadi Maa aap ki itni yaad ayegi mai ne kabhi nahi socha tha. Aap ki waja se he saari ronaq thi. Aap ko Amaar se ishk tha phir bhi aap chali gayeen chorr ke. Kash mai ne aur time aap ke saath guzara hota. Kash mai ne aap ki her baat maani hoti. Daadi Maa please wapis aa jayen daadi maa. We all miss you.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Marvi Memon goes Mad

My first reaction to the Haq ki Brand ambassador joining the N league was like "Say Whaaa". Then an image popped up and that image was of no one else but Musharaf. How can someone who had been a great supporter of his decisions be sane enough to make the right choice??
Apparently "sadaa-e-haq" for Marvi Memon means being an official spokesperson! So when IK refused to give her beloved "haq" to her she became a lioness who roars and roars.
Now the journey of 'haq' is over and her caravan has landed at Raiwind. Lets see if she is able to snatch the job of Ahsan Iqbal and gets her way. I think she would be able to achieve that for i read her statement "Mere quaid(Nawaz Sharif) jo kahain ge main karoon gi"
You see what i mean readers *wink wink*. Later then!!

I was happy because...

So people news flash, I am happy. You want to know why??
A girl is happy that could mean any of the following??
1. She has lost weight
2. The boyfriend finally proposed
3. The husband took her on a mad shopping spree for lawn joras
4. Imran Khan is the new PM
5. Khirad and Ashar reunited
6. She bought loads of make-up!!

The number one is not applicable because i am a foodie :)
The number two is like a few years late :)
The number three is highly unlikely :(
The number four is still a few months away
The number five is old news now
Yessss its number 6. So here's what i got
1. A new eye shadow palette by Profusion
2. Color studio white eye pencil
3. Kate Moss lip colors in red n pink
4. Oriflame eyelash curler
5. Fake lashes
6. Rimmel 123 mascara
7. More eye pencils
hehe I bought all of this in a week's time so I am happy though I am certain I can't say the same for my man. On the bright side he gets to see a pretty wifey so win win!!
Thats all and now you know my 2012 obsession is definitely make up.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Obsession 2012: Make up

Oh so typical! A girl is obsessed with make up. My friends who knew me in college are well aware of the fact that i was the worst when it came to getting glammed up. I hated it, I hated even applying a tiny speck of make up but now that's all i can think of. I spend all my time looking at different make up sites and of course just looking with longing.
Its a might pricey hobby to have. Thanks so some friends of mine who are providing me with free make up, I manage to stay afloat. My latest and favourite obsession is a deep red lip color. I am in lurvvvv with it. Never tried it before but now I can't resist it.
On my wish list is a 50K make up shopping spree!!! Any one out there listening :P

Monday, 20 February 2012

A day full of sulking.

Today started out to be a very bad day. Woke up angry, stayed angry till the evening and then was finally able to cheer my self up with some friendly socializing.
The highlight of the day turned out to be giving a peace of mind to a few 13 year old boys in the park. they obviously didn't know what hit them and they were like no, no we didn't say anything. Epic!
Had coffee cake and now am cursing myself yet again. Staying pretty and in shape ain't easy my friends.
Any how today was so uneventful that i am yawning even while writing this blog. How boring! Can I just add a few curse words to add some spice to it. What the heck! Lets keep it PG.
Off I go.