Sunday, 4 March 2012

I was happy because...

So people news flash, I am happy. You want to know why??
A girl is happy that could mean any of the following??
1. She has lost weight
2. The boyfriend finally proposed
3. The husband took her on a mad shopping spree for lawn joras
4. Imran Khan is the new PM
5. Khirad and Ashar reunited
6. She bought loads of make-up!!

The number one is not applicable because i am a foodie :)
The number two is like a few years late :)
The number three is highly unlikely :(
The number four is still a few months away
The number five is old news now
Yessss its number 6. So here's what i got
1. A new eye shadow palette by Profusion
2. Color studio white eye pencil
3. Kate Moss lip colors in red n pink
4. Oriflame eyelash curler
5. Fake lashes
6. Rimmel 123 mascara
7. More eye pencils
hehe I bought all of this in a week's time so I am happy though I am certain I can't say the same for my man. On the bright side he gets to see a pretty wifey so win win!!
Thats all and now you know my 2012 obsession is definitely make up.


  1. Woo! I think I have found an Ik fan here.. Hi5
    Rimmel 1-2-3 Mascara and kate moss lip colors really sound promising ..
    Stay happy ..:)

    1. lol yep IK fan nahi Fanatic. My makeup stash is ever growing :)