Friday, 16 September 2011

Daily Drama 1

Enough postings of advice and philosophy I was trying to go for a serious avatar and that clearly isn't me. So today's daily drama was actually losing it totally while helping my son with homework. Saw myself turning into a wicked witch. Now have a party to get ready for. I wasnt the kitty party type but well all that i do these days wasnt my type. Life plays odd tricks on us and we keep on falling in its trap.
Have started sorry correction, is thinking about starting to work on a healthy weight loss regime. Anyone feeling like joining the club hop on!!

Motherhood to me.

Never in my wildest dreams had i imagined that i'll be posting this topic at the age of 23. little had i known that actually i would be a mother to two handsome little boys.
unlike most moms out there motherhood doesn't come to me naturally. i sink lower and lower into guilt when i hear other moms out there fussing over their babies. They brag about how caring they are and how over protective they feel for their children, They would tell me that what i do for my children is actually the bare minimum and i should keep on doing more.
I felt horrible about myslef and felt sorry for my boys as i felt they deserved so much better than me. Why can't i totally forget my own happiness for my children. Whatr keeps me from spending every second of the day fussing over them. Why can't i be like the moms depicted in cheesy hindi flicks or for that matter the moms i am surrounded with??
After months of thinking about it i derived the conclusion. why do i even listen to these snob moms. I'll raise my child my way. Whatever the say they can't love my child the way i do. No one can understand my bond with my children. my advice to all the young mothers out there follow your instincts. Do what your heart tells you because thats where the love comes from.

The Rollercoaster

Life is quite the roller coaster. Not many of us enjoy the thrill of being on it. Some of us dread the whole journey. I for one had a different plan for my ride. I wanted different stuff in life but ended up what life had in store for me. I might not be the right person to reflect on the complex philosophy of life but i like to think that whatever perspective i have holds true. So i hope whatever i share on this blog would somehow be found relatable by people all around.