Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Obsession 2012: Make up

Oh so typical! A girl is obsessed with make up. My friends who knew me in college are well aware of the fact that i was the worst when it came to getting glammed up. I hated it, I hated even applying a tiny speck of make up but now that's all i can think of. I spend all my time looking at different make up sites and of course just looking with longing.
Its a might pricey hobby to have. Thanks so some friends of mine who are providing me with free make up, I manage to stay afloat. My latest and favourite obsession is a deep red lip color. I am in lurvvvv with it. Never tried it before but now I can't resist it.
On my wish list is a 50K make up shopping spree!!! Any one out there listening :P

Monday, 20 February 2012

A day full of sulking.

Today started out to be a very bad day. Woke up angry, stayed angry till the evening and then was finally able to cheer my self up with some friendly socializing.
The highlight of the day turned out to be giving a peace of mind to a few 13 year old boys in the park. they obviously didn't know what hit them and they were like no, no we didn't say anything. Epic!
Had coffee cake and now am cursing myself yet again. Staying pretty and in shape ain't easy my friends.
Any how today was so uneventful that i am yawning even while writing this blog. How boring! Can I just add a few curse words to add some spice to it. What the heck! Lets keep it PG.
Off I go.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Day Today

First I'll talk about my own daily drama and then get to the drama on the political stage.
So today it was yet another day of an uninvited guest who not only comes over everyday but also expects me to take care of her child while she rests. At many occasions i felt like giving her a peace of mind but being a good person :) I refrained from it.
Next drama unfolded on a certain news channel (big surprise there) when Marvi Memon accused IK of being a fraud and was blasted to pieces by Imran Ismail. Kya scene she created on Sana Bucha's show and kya drop scene that happened today.
Talking about Bucha dont you think she was about to come in her pants from over joy when Marvi Memon displayed the "letter from IK". She couldn't contain her excitement. Too bad she'll be shedding tears of buckets after this. Be prepared for the tonnes of mascara that will be running down her heavily made-up face.
So that's all the daily drama for today.  

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Twitter Rage

As if being a mom wasn't enough, i became hooked to Facebook. I mean who isn't. But even that wasn't enough. I tried Google +. Its a good thing it was a failure otherwise I would have become a social networking junkie. So i tried twitter and was almost failing at it until i realized the formula to being a successful microblogger (at least in Pakistan). I began to tweet about Imran Khan! And started bashing anyone who even dared to go against him one tiny bit. Voila, I doubled my followers. The tweet that actually sent me on tis road to success was " Ch. Nisar! Just because  you look like Mr. Bean does not mean you should act like him too"
Haha I know it was funny :) So just as IK's tsunami grows so does the wave of my followers (poetic, I know) :)
In just four short months i went from 27 to 215. Pretty impressive for someone who does not believe in the #TeamFollowBack rubbish.
So now i am on facebook 24/7 and even more into twitter. Happy Tweeting tweeples!!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Comeback

I am sure that no 1 is reading this but still if any1 who isn't in his/her right mind is, i will apologize for the absence. Well, in my last post I told you people that I am thinking about going on a weight loss regime. I did! And i lost almost 8 pounds and I am sure by now i have gained it all back.
I also started to study again. Masters in English Literature.I am trying to and failing. Fingers crossed.