Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Day Today

First I'll talk about my own daily drama and then get to the drama on the political stage.
So today it was yet another day of an uninvited guest who not only comes over everyday but also expects me to take care of her child while she rests. At many occasions i felt like giving her a peace of mind but being a good person :) I refrained from it.
Next drama unfolded on a certain news channel (big surprise there) when Marvi Memon accused IK of being a fraud and was blasted to pieces by Imran Ismail. Kya scene she created on Sana Bucha's show and kya drop scene that happened today.
Talking about Bucha dont you think she was about to come in her pants from over joy when Marvi Memon displayed the "letter from IK". She couldn't contain her excitement. Too bad she'll be shedding tears of buckets after this. Be prepared for the tonnes of mascara that will be running down her heavily made-up face.
So that's all the daily drama for today.  


  1. Daily drama of Marvi Memon has been now fully exposed, her weapon of showing letter has back fired on her.

  2. Yes I expected better of her