Thursday, 16 February 2012

Twitter Rage

As if being a mom wasn't enough, i became hooked to Facebook. I mean who isn't. But even that wasn't enough. I tried Google +. Its a good thing it was a failure otherwise I would have become a social networking junkie. So i tried twitter and was almost failing at it until i realized the formula to being a successful microblogger (at least in Pakistan). I began to tweet about Imran Khan! And started bashing anyone who even dared to go against him one tiny bit. Voila, I doubled my followers. The tweet that actually sent me on tis road to success was " Ch. Nisar! Just because  you look like Mr. Bean does not mean you should act like him too"
Haha I know it was funny :) So just as IK's tsunami grows so does the wave of my followers (poetic, I know) :)
In just four short months i went from 27 to 215. Pretty impressive for someone who does not believe in the #TeamFollowBack rubbish.
So now i am on facebook 24/7 and even more into twitter. Happy Tweeting tweeples!!

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