Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Malik Manoranjan

Hey I am back, I know I am the laziest blogger on earth. Some encouraging comments from a follower forced me to blog today.
Who else has wondered that why have Maliks of Pakistan solely taken over the responsibility of entertaining us. We were going crazy over Shoaib Malik's Indian imported shadi, then came our perfect little clown Rehman Malik and who can forget the queen of Manoranjan Veena Malik and her NOT so "morphed" photos. My question is till when will the Malik community keep on shouldering the huge responsibility of providing 'Manoranjan' for the Pakistanis?? Wake up people!!
Riaz Malik the celebrated billionaire cooked up a well scripted drama destined to take over the nation just like Humsafar once had but sadly Riaz Malik ain't no Ashar and Dr. Arsalan is no poor little Khirad. Ashar's black Mercedes had us girls swooning over him and so was Malik's Mercedes making Mubasher Lucman's heart do the happy dance. But curse the cameraman who couldn't tolerate Dunya TV's "success" and decided to screw over these "poor little rich men".
The great Nana Patekar once said and i quote (obviously I quote with a little alteration) "Ek Cameraman saala ek businessman ko H....a bana deta hai"
The Malik Saga still goes on and we all wait with baited breath to see its climax. Hope all ends well for the nation and even if it does not we still got a good dose of entertainment out of it :)


  1. hmm it seems that Malik's will continue to entertain us and nicely written piece..